About - Performance Rehab Associates - Chiropractor & Physical Therapy

At Performance Rehab Associates, we set ourselves apart from conventional rehab care combining physical therapy and chiropractic with our unique training and experience as well as our comprehensive treatment plans.

We offer specialized chiropractic and physical therapy services with unique manual skill sets such as active release therapy, manual joint pumping, fascial release, and bio medial contemporary acupuncture.

Our physical therapists provide you with 40 minutes of one on one care and are trained in the latest techniques such as Mulligan Mobilization, McKenzie Therapy, Vestibular Rehab, Fascial Abrasion Technique and Dry Needling. A complete therapeutic exercise plan to better assist you in meeting your goals is individually designed to each client.

At PRA, you will see a chiropractor and physical therapist throughout your course of treatment. Our team of specialized clinicians will work in conjunction with one another to get you out of acute pain, resolve all symptoms, and return you to better function than when you came in. This is our mission.