Concussion Treatment With C3Logix

Concussion Treatment With C3Logix

The brain is a complex and sensitive system, and a concussion represents a threat that can be easily overlooked without the right tools and insight. Establishing a baseline and tracking recovery following a concussion is technically intensive, C3Logix provides a comprehensive solution to providing care.

Qualitative Assessment

The front end of the C3Logix system is powerful data collection, facilitated by an iPad or other tablet. In conjunction with performance therapy to test and improve balance, reaction time and visual tracking, C3Logix uses portable on-board processing to analyze data and provide clear objective visualization and reports. With its comparisons against baseline performance, this analysis allows more informed diagnostics and identification of specific impairments in recovery, meaning  therapists can give appropriate and timely care — critical for a serious condition like a concussion.

Collaborative Assessment and Diagnostics

Behind the scenes, C3Logix uses wireless communication and cloud-based storage not only to ensure that patient data is secured and easily retrieved, but also to allow cooperation between specialists. Numerous facilities use C3Logix, and the LogixCloud platform allows effective communication between coaches, nurses, those close to the patient and others. Web-based access allows remote evaluation from other experts, and the database of records on concussion assessments and treatments gives further insight critical to the patient’s recovery and the recovery of future patients as well.

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