Increase Mental Strength With Neurobiofeedback

Neurobiofeedback therapyIncrease Mental Strength With Neurobiofeedback

New York Jets quarterback Josh McCown recently opened up to ESPN about the secret ingredient to his career resurgence – brain training. After playing on seven NFL teams with varying levels of success, when McCown signed on to the Jets, he decided to try neurobiofeedback to develop cognitive strength. As a result, McCown was able to set career high records in passes and completions at the age of 38.

How Neurobiofeedback Works

Neurobiofeedback is a non-invasive treatment in which patients actively re-train their brain function. The process involves the application of electrodes onto the scalp that monitor brainwaves. Next, technicians have different activities for a patient to complete. This can include a game or even watching a movie. The training occurs when the patient reaches their optimal brainwave, or EEG level, and is rewarded for this behavior.

For example, during his neurobiofeedback sessions one of McCown’s activities was watching the film “Good Will Hunting.” The movie appeared in color when his brain was operating at his targeted level. Any time his brain wasn’t performing at that level, the movie faded to black and white. Such activities help patients rewire their neural pathways by rewarding the desired behavior.

Other Benefits of Brain Training

This form of biofeedback isn’t just for the pros. For those suffering from such conditions as anxiety, insomnia and traumatic brain injuries like concussions or strokes, this treatment can drastically reduce symptoms by helping patients create new neural pathways. There has even been recent research suggesting the treatment can help autistic children.

At Performance Rehab Associates, we specialize in neurobiofeedback as well as functional neurotherapy and vestibular therapy. Whether you’re an athlete looking to increase your mental strength like Josh McCown, or you’re a regular person suffering from anxiety, PRA can help you train your brain to achieve your desired goals.

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