Your Guide to Electroacupuncture

Your Guide to Electroacupuncture

You most likely have heard of acupuncture, the ancient Chinese practice of inserting needles to help manage pain and other chronic conditions. At Performance Rehab Associates, we also offer electroacupuncture to give your treatment an added boost.

A Modern Twist on Acupuncture

In traditional acupuncture, an acupuncturist restores balance, known as qi, by inserting needles into points on the meridians of the body. In an electroacupuncture session, two needles will be inserted with clips attached. A low current of electricity is conducted through the clips thus stimulating the needles. Patients feel a slight tingling or vibrating sensation.

A similar technique called TENS, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, works the same way however, needles are taped to the skin instead of inserted. This option is helpful for those who either cannot tolerate needles due to a medical condition or have extreme fear of needles.

electroacupunctureThe Healing Process

One of the biggest advantages of this form of treatment over traditional acupuncture is that the electricity can stimulate a larger area of your body than a solitary needle. The electrical stimulation works to release endorphins into your bloodstream so that you experience longer stretches of pain relief. For athletes especially, irritated, triggered muscles can be stimulated by the electric current to tense and then relax. Tension followed by release helps facilitate the healing of injury.


This form of acupuncture can help the same wide range of ailments as the traditional method. However, electroacupuncture is particularly beneficial to those who experience chronic pain, paralysis, neurological disorders and sports injuries. The stimulating effect of the electrical current helps relieve pain by increasing the qi and blood flow as well as warming muscles.

At Performance Rehab Associates, we specialize in contemporary medical acupuncture, both with electricity and without. If you’re interested in this form of acupuncture to treat your chronic pain or injuries, get in touch with our team to schedule a treatment.