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  • I’ve had shooting pain down my hands for years. Other chiropractors would adjust me for a few minutes and send me on my way. The pain had gotten worse and worse, I couldn’t sleep more than 2 hours a night. Then I was referred to Dr. Markel. He has helped me get to pain-free and now I can sleep uninterrupted. He is very knowledgeable and has helped me heal old injuries as well. Dr. Markel spends time with me and gives me specific exercises to maintain the progress. I highly recommend Dr. Markel!

    George Lu Martial Arts Instructor
  • The Performance Rehab staff’s effective approach to rehabilitation and his commitment to success has not only given me my body back, it has given me a new outlook on personal development.

    Stephán ”Coach Q” Askew Award-Winning Author, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist
  • Nevin and Erin, thanks for fixing my body. Best in the business!

    Aaron Curry Former NFL player and current Charlotte 49er coach
  • From the minute, I walked into PRA with an acute back injury, Dr. Wes Pope and Kay Trotta, PT and the rest of the team worked holistically to treat my acute pain and make a long-term plan to get me back to full functionality!  With hard work and support from this team, I was able to take a long planned trip to Europe. You are well taken care of from the time you come in the door to the time you leave!

    Denise Poley
  • I had severe lower back and sciatic pain when I first met Dr. Pope.  I tried everything to improve it on my own, but got nowhere.  I called Dr. Pope because he was highly recommended by people close to me.  He identified and addressed the root causes of my problems.  In a fairly short period of time Dr. Pope had me pain free and moving more freely through my back and hips than I have in years.  As a runner, I am running about 30 seconds per mile faster than I did even before the pain started.  I attribute that to proper alignment and freedom of motion that he has helped me gain.  Now periodic maintenance with Dr. Pope is a standard part of my training regimen.

  • I highly recommend Dr. Pope for anyone, especially active people, who are dealing with nagging pain or who just want to perform at their best.

    Bill Faustine Avid Runner
  • Being in the business world for many years with lots of travel and long days of meetings, I was still very conscious of my health and had thought I was in good shape until my lumbar disc and related physical issues developed. After a negative experience with another practice I was fortunate that a friend referred me to Performance Rehab and specifically to Dr.s Nevin and Erin Markel. I quickly found Performance Rehab was unlike any other practice. From the time I walked in the door I felt everyone truly wanted to help me and made a genuine commitment to my progress. Their entire team used the most advanced chiropractic and physical therapy techniques combined with hands on personalized exercise programs to address my needs. With their help I have gone from significant pain and limited mobility to achieving my goal of returning to a very active and enjoyable lifestyle. As importantly, they have taught me proper ongoing exercise and lifting techniques that will enable me to maintain what I have achieved. Since my experience my wife and both daughters have used and benefited from the services of Performance Rehab.

    Jim Wade Advanced Auto Parts Executive