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ELDOA is a revolutionary therapeutic exercise system that teaches patient’s to fix their own back problems. ELDOA is a French acronym for Longitudinal Decompression Articular Stretching and was developed by world-renowned rehabilitation expert Dr. Guy Voyer.

PRA clinicians have been utilizing the ELDOA system since 2014 and regularly use this technique with athletes and patients to help them become “their own therapists”.


How long will my treatment be?

95% of people only need 3-4 treatment sessions. A typical session is about 15 minutes.

When it’s not good to use

There are some places where this therapy should not be used, for example vascular disease in the feet or ruptured plantar fasciitis ligaments.

People who are taking blood thinners and other medicines that interfere with blood clotting shouldn’t use it. Also, metal pins and plates don’t respond well to this therapy.

Radial Shockwave Therapy has amazing healing effects without ever opening skin or risk infection.

What you should know

At PRA, we use shockwave therapy to aid in the relief of pain of plantar fasciitis, hip and shoulder pain and more. There are no significant side effects and no drugs. This new technology promises to make healing injuries and reducing pain much faster and easier than ever before.

Some positive effects of ELDOA:

  • Self driven exercise postures to self-decompress the spine and it’s discs vertically. This has a powerful effect on relieving low back, mid back and neck strains, sprains, disc injuries and joint compressions.
  • Core and postural strengthening exercise that activates deep core muscles and restores optimal postural alignment.
  • Improves recovery of chronically tight spinal muscles from postural or athletic overload
  • Patients feel the effects immediately and learn how to “treat their own spines” at home in only minutes a day!

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